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Payton Nyquvest: Psychedelic Entrepreneurship

After working 15 years in finance with a focus on capital markets, Payton Nyquvest used his knowledge and passion for service to become the founder and CEO of Numinus, a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy organization in Canada. Thankfully this public company is providing the infrastructure for evidence-based psychedelic therapy and psychedelic integration, enabling nonprofits in the space to conduct more research on the benefits of utilizing psychedelic medicine like MDMA, psilocybin, and ketamine. In this episode, Payton illustrates the pain points of the plant medicine entrepreneur. We talk mindset, fund-raising, regulations, competition, and the struggles we’ve had to overcome in order to provide this service to the world. If you’re curious about the new frontier of plant medicine entrepreneurship and regulations in the space, this one’s for you.

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